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About this site:

Through this site, I hope to continue to encourage myself to read more, write in a more elevated style than I otherwise would, and possibly let some original fiction seep through. The site will be focused around writing, reading, information sources (like books, websites and databases), and libraries.

Although at its inception in 2018, I intended this site to be about and for writing, reading, “books,” (including electronic texts) and libraries, writings and images regarding art and art practice, will probably find their way here.

About me:

Right now I’m in my very-early-40’s. My original undergraduate degree was in English — Creative Writing. While in the Creative Writing program, I found that it isn’t necessarily easy to make a living doing Creative Writing. When I graduated, still uncertain as to whether I should have gotten a degree in the Fine Arts, I went back to Community College instead of entering the workforce. There are many other reasons that factored into this decision, which — like any aquifer — I’m sure will find their way to the surface, over time.

Is it bad water or good water? At this point, I don’t know.

During this time period, I began working within my local Public Library system, with the intent of becoming a full-fledged Librarian one day. However, I did not at the time realize the myriad stresses undergone on a daily basis in Public Library jobs. Despite this, on the advice of a counselor, I stopped my Community College classes and entered a Library and Information Science program, where I began to study the fundamentals of Librarianship.

And no, I was not offered training as to how to survive those myriad stresses.

During the first semester I became extremely culture-shocked, and withdrew from the MLIS program. I went back to Community College and ended up receiving dual AAs in Art, and Liberal Arts (the latter, because I had taken so many classes, beginning at a very young age, that I maxed out my Priority Enrollment).

Feeling as though I shouldn’t let one…or two, particularly terrible class experiences put me off of an entire career, I returned to the MLIS program and eventually succeeded in graduating with said degree. I retained a dual focus between Information Organization and Digital Services, although I realized toward the end of my time there, that I do not especially enjoy computer programming.

HTML? CSS? MARC? That’s fine. JavaScript? SQL? I end up getting flashbacks of mathematical proofs in 9th grade Honors Math (which, obviously enough for me, had been harrowing in more ways than one — not least, because I was successful at it, and from the way I looked [i.e. my race and gender], I apparently was not, “supposed to be.” Math trauma).

I’m finding that my orientation is closer to the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, not toward the Mathematics and Computer Science bent which is the most obvious route out of having to deal directly with people while still using LIS skills.

As I write this in March of 2022, it has been about two years since the beginning of SARS-COVID-19 lockdown.

At this point in time, I have a written project in the works which is eventually going to come to light — one way or another. As a person who has studied the craft of writing and the process of research, I find myself well-positioned for further study, and a possible career as an Academic. However, this project will take a lot of work before I can flesh out what I actually mean by it or intend to do with it. Right now I’ve got a seed: it needs some care and attention before I can tell exactly what it is going to grow to be.