I found my Art Journal!

Alright, it really shouldn’t seem that momentous — I can always make more art — but I found the Art journal that I had been searching for over the past three days (at least). This is the thing I started in Spring 2016, as a place to record my creative process. I’m pretty sure this must have been an ongoing assignment for my Capstone class.

This Art journal contains the seed and beginning development of a Graphic Novel. I didn’t develop it further, largely because it would be such a huge undertaking (and because I went back to Grad School after I finished my Art AA); but the bones of it — minus a non-disappointing ending — are there.

For the journal project, we were to focus on an element/concept/idea and flesh it out, over the semester. To be honest, I’m really struck now by seeing the structure behind some of my more compelling (to me) works. I’m also really surprised that this came out of me: I’m used to getting stuck on one story, but this…not only combines a lot of conflicts that I had at the time, but puts them together in a way that really feels like myself, and actually feels good.

It is possible to go into a second story with the same main character, in order to resolve the first story; the protagonist could reach out to others for help. I don’t even have to avoid the mystical stuff, because the groundwork for that is established in the first part. That sounds — actually, really — powerful.

And I know, at this point, that if I do this, it would be best to work on the story in hard copy, so I can draw (and keep my drawings filed with my text): the drawings are an integral expression of the vision of the work. It also may be very important to have it in color, though the blues are by far the most important (I could work in duotone, if I had to).

This gives the reason behind my having a bunch of Marker paper in large sizes: I was illustrating this with fineliners and Pitt brush pens, and had begun to add Copics and opaque liners (like Derwent Line Painters; apparently, these are still being made).

I kind of can’t believe I forgot about this context; I also kind of can’t believe I found all of this encapsulated in one book! Apparently, I was organized?

I also see references within the book, particularly to one post on an old blog of mine, where more of this information was recorded. A long time ago, a contact at a local Art Supply store gave me the name of a local print shop where I could scan my work: that never really crystallized, both because I went back to Library School, and because COVID happened.

Not having the slip of paper with me (I really should transcribe this stuff), I’m not sure if they are even still in existence; but I…am thinking that this shouldn’t be an issue. At least, that’s what M is leading me to believe–!

I’m trying to make a deal with myself to get to bed by 10:30 for at least three days this week: I should probably log off, at the moment. Maybe if I get up early enough tomorrow, I can work on this…

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